About Us

Find out more about the playgroup, our timetable and key documents.

Our Mission

We aim to achieve the following:

  • Create a challenging and stimulating environment in which children are encouraged to work towards achieving their full potential, whilst learning to appreciate the diverse world in which they live
  • We value children’s voices and we take under consideration of their likes and dislikes
  • By encouraging the interest and support of parents/carers we hope to create an atmosphere where they always feel welcome
  • To ensure that the equipment, resources and books we use are unbiased and show positive images to represent our equal opportunities commitment

Our Timetable

Our playgroup runs for 38 weeks per year.

Morning sessions

(8:45am – 11:45am)

8:45 am Doors Open
8:55 am Register
9:00 am Free Play
9:55 am Tidy Up Time
10:05 am Social/Language Group
10:15 am Circle Time (songs, dance and music)
10:30 am Snack & Activity (milk, water, fruit and healthy snacks)
10:50 am Outdoor/Free Play
11:25 am Story Time
11:40 am Collection Time*

* Please note, a late collection fee will be charged from 11:45 am.

Afternoon sessions

(11:45am – 2:45am)

11:45 am Doors Open
11:55 am Register
12:05 pm Free Play
12:55 pm Tidy Up Time
1:00 pm Social/Language Group
1:15 pm Circle Time (songs, dance and music)
1:30 pm Snack & Activity (milk, water, fruit and healthy snacks)
1:45 pm Outdoor/Free Play
2:25 pm Story Time
2:40 pm Collection Time*

* Please note, a late collection fee will be charged from 2:45 am.

Meet the Team

Perihan Ozalper



I am most passionate and determined to minimise the inequalities in young children’s lives by providing them with opportunities to build a robust foundation & the best start to their education.

Having more than 20 years of Childcare experience supported my professional growth and has tooled me with greater understanding and expertise in managing and mentoring the Early Years Educators & supporting children, families and local communities.


Safeguarding Child Protection Health & Safety Behavioural Advice
Sheela Ali

Deputy Manager


My journey as a mother gave me the inspiration to work with children. Furthering my education in childcare allowed me to provide quality education for kids of all ages, including those with Special Educational Needs (SEN).

I believe that our personal support for each child will allow them to flourish in their learning and development. Growing up as a bilingual person has also  helped me to better assist & encourage children learning English as an additional language.


Safeguarding Child Protection Health & Seafety Behavioural Advice

Katarzyna Brzozowska

Treasurer & Parents Support (SEN & ASD)


I have worked with Get Along Gang Playgroup since 2009, which was also my son’s first playgroup. His autism has allowed me to deepen my knowledge of this complex condition & to educate myself in Special Educational Needs, Autism, Asperger’s, ASD and Mental Health.

I am also trained in Makaton, PECS, Visual Support and more. This allowed me to better understand and support my son, as well as other parents who have children on the autistic spectrum.


Treasury SEN Support ASD Support


Ofsted Report

Admissions Form

Parents Pack

Early Years Curriculum Guidance

Special Educational Needs Policy

Safeguarding Protection Policy